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An end-to-end client engagement solution for the financial services industry.
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How Bondle helps professionals in Financial Services

Money matters, but relationships matter more

As Financial Service professionals, you guide clients through complex decisions. While you handle the technicalities through your advice, Bondle is here to assist you forge the relationship. Our unique solution combines messaging, documents and tasks to ensure seamless interactions. Engage your team and the client through professional status updates as you work together to achieve their goals.


Stay on top of documents

Whether you are a financial adviser, tax accountant or mortgage broker, you and your clients are bound to documents – year on year. Bondle has a robust documents management module with features such as version control, file notes, etc., that are designed to ease the collection and maintenance of documents.

You will never have to endure the question “Did you send me that document?”.  If it is not in Bondle, it’s not real.

Complexity... meet simplicity

Delivering the desired results for your clients requires navigating through a set of complex tasks and perhaps involving multiple parties. Instead of having overwhelmed clients who need reassurance on the process, empower them with Bondle’s intuitive task management solution. Our simple user interface on mobile devices means everyone is clear on their responsibilities, all the time.

Be compliant without breaking a sweat

Every interaction between you and your client is time stamped in our comprehensive Audit History. You will have all the proof points of having done “the right thing” by your client – automatically. We will store your documents and interactions for as long as you need it, not just seven years as mandated by most regulators.

A new approach to client engagement


Conversations, a natural way to get it all started

Instantaneous, rich and intuitive messaging interface for you and your client.

A happy marriage of convenience and utility

Experience the benefits of a unified system to communicate, collaborate and achieve outcomes. Say goodbye to multiple systems for managing your professional interactions.

Audit history with enterprise level security

Automated tracking of all key interactions to provide a strong compliance cover. World class data security and privacy considerations at every step of the process.

Transform Your Client Engagement Today

Onboard your clients and start your journey now.

Bondle offers an end-to-end client engagement solution for businesses, both small and large. Our easy to use advanced software eliminates most of the paper based processes, maximises productivity and increases your clients’ satisfaction. Learn more...

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