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An end-to-end client engagement solution for migration agents and lawyers
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Manage relationships, not just cases

We understand that migration consultants deal with people who are undergoing a major change in their life. Bondle will ease anxieties and provide transparency to your clients on what to expect in the journey to a new destination. Group conversation enables every person involved in the process to remain up-to-date on the status of the application.


A one-stop-shop for all your interactions

Our unique solution combines messaging, documents & tasks to ensure seamless interaction. Bondle allows you to manage your corporate brochures, forms, private notes, etc., through My Drive. Our version control system provides for a single source of truth when you collaborate with your clients. Enhance transparency by converting paper checklists into a sophisticated Task management solution and never miss a deadline.

Be compliant without breaking a sweat

Every interaction between you and your client is time stamped in our comprehensive Audit History. You will have all the proof points of having done “the right thing” by your client – automatically. We will store your documents & interactions for as long as you need, not just seven years as mandated by most regulators.


Time is money

Your clients expect the highest level of service from you, after all, this is a life changing event for them. Respond to their queries or provide a status update, anytime, through our mobile / tablet app.  When you delight your customer through your superior service, they are bound to be your implicit brand ambassadors for future referrals.

How Bondle Works for Migration Agents

Watch a quick video on how Bondle streamlines the end-to-end communication between you and your clients.

Client collaboration, streamlined


Integrated communication

When messages, document sharing and task management are in one place, you and your clients are always on the same page. It’s efficiency and transparency that builds lasting client relationships.

A happy marriage of convenience and utility

Experience the benefits of a unified system to communicate, collaborate and achieve outcomes. Say goodbye to multiple systems for managing your professional interactions.

Reduce client stress - and your compliance costs

When your key customer interactions live (securely) in one place, everyone breathes easier. Your clients always know what’s going on and your compliance team doesn’t waste time chasing paper trails.

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Bondle offers an end-to-end client engagement solution for businesses, both small and large. Our easy to use advanced software eliminates most of the paper based processes, maximises productivity and increases your clients’ satisfaction. Learn more...

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